City & University


Ilmenau is in Central Germany on the north border of the Thuringian Forest. Thanks to the Goethe hiking trail and the famous Rennsteig hiking trail, Ilmenau is popular travel destination for tourists.

Ilmenau University of Technology (TU Ilmenau)

Founded in 1894, the TU Ilmenau has a history of 115 years. 1963 it was established as a Technical College and 1992 as a Technical University. With about 6,000 students, the university has great significance for the 26,000-resident city. With research projects of several university institutes focusing on different aspects of (digital) media and the Fraunhofer Insitute for Digital Media Technology, Ilmenau itself is an important source of media innovations. For example, Ilmenau’s cinema is equipped with Fraunhofer IDMT surround sound technology and has already convinced several Hollywood directors to visit Ilmenau.

Institute of Media and Communication Science

Since the Institute of Media and Communication Science was established in 1996, Ilmenau also accommodates a socio-scientific institute that offers the study courses Applied Media Science (BA) and Media and Communication Science (MA). It is one of Germany’s largest academic institutes for communication science. A special characteristic of research and teaching is the strong interdisciplinary orientation of the institute that includes technical and economic contents in the socio-scientific curriculum.